Not sure why my Paramore / Dirty Dancing mashup video hasn’t gone viral yet. I’m v confused about life rn, you guys.

the definition of “mayor”

may•or : verb. to corner an acquaintance into a conversation when they are clearly trying to get somewhere.

EXAMPLE: Sorry, random person who comes into my work place, but if you mayor me any longer I’m going to be late for my bondage class.

ALSO: I would have gotten here earlier but I got majorly mayored on Congress Street, again!

Down there they are in love with everyone.
Into the phantom city she goes
musicked by love, enchanted by the love-swarm
that streets around her, love love love.
And still as she goes, around her feet
in shadow small quail are calling.

—Robert Kelly

"I’m keen to keep trying to achieve. What happens is that your abilities get better but your critical facilities get better too, so that no matter what you’re achieving, you’re always saying, ‘It could have been better.’ You could drive yourself crazy with it. So you say, this is the best I could do at this time."

—Jane Campion

When I find you,
I am going to turn the world inside out.
The rocks around you will melt,
your heart will fall from your body.

—Mary Oliver

What surety is there
That we will meet again,
On other worlds some
Future time undated.
I defy my body’s haste.
Without the promise
Of one more sweet encounter
I will not deign to die.

—Maya Angelou, 1928-2014

Hot flowers who come out of alleys at evenings
All alone I’m shut up in a soaking-wet flag
Fair flowers from these humid folds, these heartless flames,
Which one among you will dare to untangle me?

—Jean Genet

The Bearded Lady's Jewel Box

I made the video in this Kickstarter campaign for my brother’s cocktail bar. It wasn’t the first time we dressed him up like the namesake bearded lady, and it won’t be the last.

"Most movies use music the way athletes use steroids. There’s no question that you can induce a certain emotion with music—just like steroids build up muscle. It gives you an edge, it gives you a speed, but it’s unhealthy for the organism in the long run."

—Walter Murch

SAME. (Blue Is the Warmest Color, directed by Abdellatif Kechiche)

SAME. (Blue Is the Warmest Color, directed by Abdellatif Kechiche)

"The prison is one of the most important features of our image environment. This has caused us to take the existence of prisons for granted. The prison has become a key ingredient of our common sense. It is there, all around us. We do not question whether it should exist. It has become so much a part of our lives that it requires a great feat of the imagination to envision life beyond the prison."

—Angela K. Davis